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Connecting to Customers Machines


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    RainMachine Support (Edited )

    Hi, Nick
    Currently, to access the RainMachine remotely they need to be connected to the local Wi-Fi network and a working internet connectivity should be also available on location.
    The RainMachine needs to connect only 1 time to the local Wi-Fi network and then you should set up a remote access account for each of the RainMachine Mini-8 you would like to install on different customer locations.
    So, let's say you have 10 customers and you will install 10 Mini-8's, one for each of them.
    - you should set them up on each location you install them and connect them to the customer local Wi-Fi network
    - after that, choose a remote access account using your own email address (this should be the same for each Mini-8) and choose a Mini-8 password (the password can be different for each Mini-8 you install, but don't forget it)
    - for each Mini-8 you set up a remote access account using your email address you'll get a validation message from our servers that you'll need to confirm.
    - once successfully validated each Mini-8 remote access account, using the RainMachine mobile apps (iOS or Android) you should have them listed under the Devices list and you can access them from the distance whenever you want - just be sure that the customer Wi-Fi and internet connectivity are stable.
    - also, you can access them using RainMachine web app - log in using your email address and one of the Mini-8's password. For each Mini-8 with the different password, you'll be asked to enter it when you will access it.

    If you want to grant the customer access to their Mini-8, all you have to do is to share the Mini-8 email & password with them. Without the password, they will not be able to access it, not even locally from the same Wi-Fi network.

    Hope this helps, Nick
    Thank you.

    RainMachine Support

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