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Summer 2018 New Integrations and Remote access additions

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    Ian Coulthard

    Is this is the 4.0.945 just pushed to my unit?

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    RainMachine Nicholas

    These features are mostly server side improvements that don't depend on RainMachine firmware version. The only dependency for a newer firmware (945) is the pause/resume feature.

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    What is Local Weather Push Parser

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    RainMachine Nicholas (Edited )

    Local Weather Push is actually an API call in RainMachine that lets you send weather data to RainMachine directly. This can be used with various integrations like WeeWX or CumulusMX

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    I have a weewx install here so would love to push the data directly.
    Is there more info available?

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    RainMachine Nicholas (Edited )


    What you need is:

    1. Enable Local Weather Push service from Web UI > Settings > Weather > Developer

    2. Send POST to /api/4/parser/data with a JSON body as below. If timestamp is missing the current device time when the POST was made will be used.

      "weather": [    
          "timestamp": 1563362587,
          "mintemp": null,
          "maxtemp": null,
          "temperature": null,
          "wind": null,
          "solarrad": null,
          "qpf": null,
          "rain": null,
          "minrh": null,
          "maxrh": null,
          "condition": 26,
          "pressure": null,
          "dewpoint": null

    P.S. We should continue the discussion in Developers section

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