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Choice to enable Master Valve per zone

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    Sam Newnam

    So doing a little homework - it looks like you can only GET certain zone information but not set (POST) settings. If so I could easily set Zone 1 to "Not master valve" do my fills, etc and then set Zone 1 to "Yes Master Valve".  Any thoughts there?

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    I have the same request and concern. Most of my zones are well pumped water, but a few are city water (to eliminate brown bricks and rocks). Would love to see zones that specify that the pump is on or off.

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    Same request here

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    I would also welcome this functionality to click a checkbox for every channel. 

    All outputs of my HD16 lead to 24V relays. So one could switch a lighting or a fountain pump for the pond with not currently used channels of the RM. This could make additional remote controls or timers unnecessary. Thank you!

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    Sarakha Ludovic

    Yes this feature would be great

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    Daniel Badders

    This feature would be great, but I think the more general solution includes:

    1) allow more that 1 circuit to run at a time (as implied by the ability to have a master and a separate zone, but make it arbitrary).  This may have special constraints multiple valves draw too much water (constrained by sum of zone flows).

    2) allow any zone to trigger a second zone (to run a pump, master, valve, drain, etc).  This may be constrained to never allow 3 zones if power is limited (if zones cascade to 3 valves, etc).  This may also fall under the constraint of multiple circuit flow limit as noted in 1) above.  This may imply a "master" flow rate is counted in a special way sinces it doesn't add to the flow through sub zones.

        This could be setup as allowing 0 to 3 zones on a controller to be "master" for different purposes.  That would reduce the bit-depth for each zone to associate with another simultaneous zone.  I don't think the bit savings help, so the 2 points above seem the most general.

    An alternative would be selling accessories or sharing information to provide this capability external to the controller.  A simple ebay 24vac dpdt (double pull double throw) relay for $3 from ebay can allow 1 output to connect a signal and  24vac power supply to 2 devices without any interference with the rain machine or enabling power to a master valve.  There may be better variations/ideas for features or external accessories, so followups may help many with similar needs.

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    Yep, I love the idea of adding this flexibility... 


    as an example I'm testing my system for leaks, I want to test the pipe between the master and the valves without turning the other valves on

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