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Programming questions - Suggested Watering Times


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    RainMachine Nicholas

    Hi Mark,

    Welcome to community ! Usually for customers that upgrade from a controller already setup we advise them to just put the previous duration that they used per zone as custom duration in program zones. This is the easiest way and have the same benefits and algorithm as the duration computed from zone properties. Of  course this might be needing further tuning (+/- %) as it's hard to know how the previous duration was computed.

    The duration of the zone calculated from it's properties depend on Sprinkler Head, Vegetation type and Sun exposure. For example only changing from Cool Season Grass to Warm Season Grass will reduce the watering duration by almost 30%. Same for Sun Exposure, how many hours per daylight it gets direct sunlight.

    Most people (me included) don't have enough knowledge or patience to perfectly setup system by changing monthly plants coefficients for periods of stagnation/growth etc, just try to match as closely as possible their zone settings from the 4 options and then tune by observing plants with +/-. Usually it's - (decreasing) as RainMachine has default values that encourage plant growth not just survival.

    As for the high temperatures, these matter less if difference between min and max for that day is small. This difference is very important in EvapoTranspiration numbers (you can actually see more watering in cooler days on which this difference is bigger).

    I would let it as you set it up (down to 35%) and maybe try to reduce this 35% from zone settings if possible. Also worth noting that suggested duration in zone properties is for a daily run (7 days/week) during summer. In a program this gets multiplied by the days that you don't water.



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