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Get weather data from Davis Weatherlink




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    RainMachine Nicholas (Edited )

    The local, completely independent solution, should be possible, as far as I remember you can connect with plain TCP/IP to WeatherLinkIP port and get data. I think it did have a hourly/daily precipitation sum, that would be necessary so the RainMachine parser would be run hourly or more.

    For the website I think it's even easier to get data (they had an API that could get you current observations).

    Even without forecasting it will still help, as RainMachine has "Forecast Correction" which looks back and computes the delta between forecasted (None) and historical and water accordingly.


    P.S.  We already have a community member working on local WeatherFlow integration. 


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    Ralph Becker-Szendy

    Thanks for the reply!  I'll put that on my to-do list to get set up.  I like the idea of getting my RainMachine to talk to my weather station directly (on the local network), rather than going out to the external network or a cloud-based service.  Not because I mistrust the cloud (far from it) or fear the internet, simply because the local network is faster and more reliable than DSL and friends.  And: Happy Independence Day!

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    Any progress on connecting to a local Davis weather system or from WeatherLink?

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    Ralph Becker-Szendy (Edited )

    I'm certainly not working it; there are (unfortunately) zillion things of higher priority on my to-do list.  Like actually digging holes and putting plants into the flower bed that just got its sprinklers finished last weekend, and putting in pipes and sprinkler heads for the next flower bed.  Here on the west coast, I don't expect any rain for about a month, and no significant rain for two months, so trying to save water by turning irrigation off isn't urgent.

    I know that reaching the WeatherLinkIP device locally is actually quite easy; I have a very simple python program that opens a socket to it, reads the current status, and prints it in a human-readable format.  It does definitely report the total rain per day; I don't see a report of rain per hour, but with a little programming, a daemon could do that (get the rain every hour, calculate the difference from the last reading).

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    RainMachine Nicholas

    Please checkout the new updated Weather Services article that includes Davis Station support here:

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