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New Parser for Australia



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    I need help with setting up. I signed up and created api key, but I don't know how to create file ? Can you please tell me how to ..? Thank you very much. 

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    Richard Mann (Edited )

    You need to search for how to download files from GitHub. This is not something myself or the RainMachine community can support.

    I would only suggest using this parser (or any community code) if you are an advanced RainMachine user or a programmer.

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    I am using this and it works great for me. Thanks!

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    Richard Mann

    All, I have added a major update to the code, now including the percentage probability of rain. This should make forecasting based on the data more accurate.

    I have also added support for weather icons, in case this is the only parser you use.

    All users should update their installations.


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