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Cycle & Soak - Auto



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    Brandon Moyer


    Cycle & Soak Auto will work if it feels your conditions need cycle/soak based on a number of factors.

    You can just change this to manual and put in your own  cycle/soak times. 



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    Robert Schwiebert

    Thanks for the reply Brandon.

    I guess I'm questioning the Auto calculation/formula? Based on my numbers, I'd really liked to see it break those zones into separate events. I know I can do it manually but it'd be nice to see Auto work.




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    FWIW This season is one of the hottest and driest, followed by wettest I can recall.

    I have never seen my Mini-8 perform a cycle and soak. It is set, just has never happened.
    Don't know what condition it is looking for.

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    Steven Carmichael (Edited )

    Presumably based on soil type (silty clay) and slope settings, our Mini-8 automatically performed cycle and soak on its first program run:

    2 second intervals in the final cycle are too brief for sprinklers to pressurize and broadcast.

    I suppose that increasing slope settings will increase cycle count and soak time while decreasing watering times..

    Yesterday, I conducted a bottle test (see ) which yielded sandy loam.  Changing to that from silty clay in Zones eliminated auto soak cycles in today's Watering History.

    Practically, soil here is a thin layer of silt over mostly sand, so should probably input a custom soil type with silty clay intake and sandy loam field capacity...

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    Rolando Soto

    Hi Robert

    Checked the intake rate for your soil types:
    silty clay - ir: 3.81mm/h(0.15 inch)
    clay loam - ir: 5.08mm/h(0.2 inch)

    Application rate 0.56 inch/hr with 70% means real irrigation ~0.4inch/hour
    With the permitted accumulation a zone like that can run ~30 mins without soak time needed.

    As far as I see from the logs Your recommended times are all below 30 mins. If You are sure You still need cycles we recommend to use the manual cycling.

    Never the less this feature is new so we will investigate deeper - any further input is welcome.



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