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My schedule does not trigger watering



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    Maybe you accumulate water in soil and RainMachine just skips the cycles ? Anything showing on the Watering logs ? Is the duration on Watering logs correct with what you observe ?

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    Pierre Darmon

    Hi Nicholas,


    Thanks for replying.

    I do not have a water sensor in the soil so I do not know how RainMachine would know. Besides there has been many hot days w/o rain when RainMachine should have triggered watering but did not.

    The watering logs show no watering except when I triggered the program manually. So yes the duration shown are correct.

    Anyway ...... about 7-10 days ago, it all of a sudden started working again (and I had not changed a single setting since resetting my RainMachine 3+ weeks ago) and has worked every day since, even not watering for the past 3 days as it rained a lot or was very cool, or watering less when it hadn't been so hot. The only explanation I have is that the data coming from the whether service was bogus and fooling RainMachine into not watering, and it finally got fixed 7-10 days ago. The diagnostics showed that the weather service was being reached ok. So it must have been the data. That's the only way I can explain it (and yes my address in RainMachine is correct).

    I have not removed my daily calendar reminder 1 minute before RainMachine is supposed to trigger, so I can continue to pay attention.But frankly, this is really weird.

    Can RainMachine get data from more than 1 weather service and "average" the two or something similarly smart?


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    RainMachine handles soil moisture virtually: precipitation is IN evapotranspiration is OUT. If IN < OUT then you need to irrigate, otherwise just skip watering and substract from soil moisture the OUT.

    Multiple weather sources is one of the top features of RainMachine you can do that and it's usually recommended especially if you have a microclimate that doesn't quite fit the forecast from 1 weather source.

    When RainMachine doesn't start watering it's probably because it thinks there is enough moisture/available water in soil. This can be checked by going to Web UI > Zone > click on Show Graph (next to Field Capacity) setting.

    If you have water in soil and you think it's wrong you can also decrease Field Capacity value to restrict how much water it will hold. 

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    Pierre Darmon

    I have added 2 more weather sources (some of the others were giving errors when refreshing, while two I added do not).

    I understand the concept of IN and OUT but do not see where you set anything related to this. Unless it's the rain sensitivity, which is currently set at 80% (I think it's the default). Is it?


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