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mini 8 impossible to restart



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    Joe Bob

    I have the same problem.
    I recently changed my router and ISP, and can't reset my mini-8 either.
    It shows a line that moves around the digit segments, but there is no A.
    No answer or callback from the support phone number.

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    Hi Joe,

    Please try to press the reset button very well, maybe with a screwdriver tip in order to be sure it is well pressed. 
    After the 5 seconds reset you should hear a single beep and after the 15-20 seconds press you should hear 2 consecutive beeps.
    Wait and see if the unit enters in AP mode after the reboot process. 

    RainMachine Support.

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    HI Christian, 

    i have the same problem. tried to reset after 5s, 10s 15 s or more. the digit segment turn around in different style but nothing happened. I removed the lithium battery to have the harder reboot I can do but same. 

    What else can I try? can I send it for diagnostic? 

    thanks for quick reply. 


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    Hi Franck,

    Here are the following steps for a full factory reset.

    1. Power down the RainMachine Unit.
    2. Wait 5 Seconds and power up the RainMachine Unit.
    3. Wait 1 1/2 to 3 Minutes for the RainMachine to finish booting.
    4. Press and hold the Reset button for 15 seconds. After letting go, you should hear two loud beeps.
    5. Wait 2-3 minutes for the unit to finish booting up.
    6. Press and hold the Reset button for 5 seconds. After letting go, you should hear a loud beep.
    7. Wait 2-3 Minutes until an A appears on the RainMachine display.

    If you see "A" displayed on the screen, you can continue the setup.

    Please pay attention to the beeps which indicate that a reset was done.
    Let us know if this works.

    RainMachine Support.

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    Many thanks for those clear steps. 
    i gonna try carefully the steps and let you know. 
    best regards, 


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    Joe Bob

    First try: After long reset and two beeps, I let it run until the segments stopped moving.

    Then tried to reset for 5 seconds, but it was frozen.

    Second try: Reset button for 15 seconds, hear two beeps, wait 3 minutes, and then 5 second reset, hear one beep.

    It still never showed the A. It showed the WiFi symbol shortly, then finally stopped with a 1 showing on the number display.

    What to try next? 


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    RainMachine Support (Edited )

    Hi, Joe
    The number 1 on the digit display is the number associated with the Zone 1. If you press the watercan START/STOP button do the zone start to water (watercan symbol flashes)?
    If it does, then the reset procedure did not finish as it should.

    As a last troubleshooting step:
    Did you happen to have the old Wi-Fi router that the Mini-8 could connect to?
    If you do
    - please power it ON and let the Mini-8 connect to it. It doesn't matter that there is no internet connectivity through.
    - keep the new Wi-Fi router ON, too
    - using your mobile phone please connect to the same old Wi-Fi network (if you named the new Wi-Fi network as the old one, you might need to rename one of them so it doesn't create confusion)
    - open the RainMachine mobile app and access the Mini-8
    - go to Settings - System Settings - Wi-Fi
    - from the next screen choose your new Wi-Fi router network
    - input its password and connect the Mini-8 to it.

    If everything is successful, then the Mini-8 is connected to your new Wi-Fi network that has the internet connectivity from your new ISP.

    Hope this helps
    But if it doesn't, please go to enter all your info and we will start the fix or replace procedure.
    Thank you for your time and patience, Joe

    RainMachine Support

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    Joe Bob

    Hi Julian-

    I do have my old router. I tried it, but the rainmachine is already reset, so I couldn't connect to the old network.

    Please let me know what to do next.

    Thank you for all your help so far.

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    RainMachine Support

    Hi, Joe
    Ok. Did you tried to search for the Mini-8 network listed under your mobile phone Wi-Fi settings?
    Sometimes, even if the display doesn't show the "A" (from open AP mode) the Mini-8 AP mode could be open.
    Please check that, a network called "RainMachine-XXXXX" should show up on your phone Wi-Fi network list. If it does, connect your phone to it, then open the RainMachine mobile app and then connect the Mini-8 to your new Wi-Fi network (2.4ghz only).
    If that doesn't help, then you need to contact us by support form and we will need the Mini-8 device to fix/replace it.

    Thank you for your understanding, Joe
    RainMachine Support

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