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Rain Machine quit while I was away, lawn and shrubs died



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    RainMachine Support (Edited )

    Hi, Walt
    We're sorry to hear about that and we do understand your frustration.
    Did you contact our support team about your issue?

    The RESET action is the last resort, a simple unplug and plug back in didn't bring it back?
    When you say that the setup never finishes can you tell us the exact step it doesn't pass?

    If you can control it while connected to the RainMachine AP Wi-Fi network then something went wrong with your local Wi-Fi network that the Mini-8 cannot access. There were changes in your internet configuration? When you can control it, does your valves start if you test them manually from the Mini-8 itself or from the RainMachine mobile app?
    A failure on one of your valves could cause the device to freeze. Just to rule out any possible faulty valve.

    Thank you for your understanding, Walt
    RainMachine Support

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    To help identify issues like this, couldn't RainMachine send an email or alert to the app that the controller has been disconnected for x amount of time?  Maybe say 12 hours if it hasn't reported back to the cloud an automated message is sent.  Typically an irrigation controller is a set it and forget it type device.


    To the OP, in the past I've had my home automation system monitor the irrigation controller and if it failed 5 consecutive pings (the pings were 5 minutes apart) it would reset the HA controlled power outlet.  I chose 25 minutes for a few reason; 5 missed was the max allowed and then every 5 minutes so if a software update occurred, it shouldn't interfere with it.  Sometimes it would drop off of wireless briefly, but if it did this for a longer length of time, then the HA system would cure it via a power reset on the outlet.  You could even have the HA system alert you as well.  Not the ideal solution, but could bring more visibility if an issue happens before it turns into a bigger issue.

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    Well after screwing around with this thing forever, I discovered that I could access my RM remotely on the Internet even though I couldn't on my phone. I deleted and reinstalled the app, and it seems to work--for now anyway.

    I still have the issue of this thing quitting while I was away. Even if I couldn't connect with it remotely, it should have continued to with the watering programs.

    At this point, I have no faith in it, and don't want to waste hours/days trying to figure out why it was unreliable in the first place.

    Thanks for your help.

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    RainMachine Support

    Hi, Walt
    Again, we're sorry to hear about that.

    "quitting while I was away" - what do you mean about that. The RainMachine did not start the schedule as it should, or it stopped watering some zones when it shouldn't?
    If the RainMachine loses power while watering for any reasons (power outage on the location, or valve short) the schedule will not resume after the power will resume.
    Please help us understand the exact issue you had. 

    Login to your device using your email address and RainMachine password by going to and see the watering history under Settings - Watering History
    You looked for your RainMachine on our remote access servers and it looks it is offline right now. Have you unplugged it or disconnected from the Wi-Fi network?

    Thank you for your understanding, Walt.
    Let's try one more time, because we think that the issue is not a hardware one, but maybe something is wrong with its settings.

    RainMachine Support

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