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New WiFiLogger Parser



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    Hi George,

    That's great, we usually recommend at least 1h refresh time for a parser since the RainMachine Mixer that sets the final results runs hourly. You can get data every 10 minutes but it only be read by the RainMachine Mixer in hourly intervals.

    But if you want for example to use this parser as a hardware wifi rain sensor you can let it run every 10 minutes and if rain is detected execute an API call to snooze the device.

    If you would like to share your parser with others or get help with code you can use to make a fork and issue a pull request after you added your parser.

    Also with current beta we've added a new API call: POST parser/data which can be used to feed RainMachine with weather data from an external source (for example Weewx or Cumulus software). Let me know if you need more information about this.

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    thank you, I'll get a pull request in this week...


    regarding using the weather station as a rain sensor, is it possible to do this through the "rules" engine.  I would love more info/documentation on that feature.  I can think of many use cases for the rules engine... rain, high wind, high temp...



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    Thank you for submission I merged your pull request.

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