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RainMachine Pro - Can't send Email for remote access


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    RainMachine Support

    Hi, jay
    It looks like one of our colleague is already helping you on the ticket support.
    But as we can see, your RainMachine Pro it is not connected to our remote access servers and the email address cannot be validated.
    Your other two RainMachine devices (HD-12 and Mini-8) are connected.

    Please make sure the internet connectivity is available on the RainMachine Pro location and the device is connected to it. Does the RainMachine Pro is located in the basement or behind thick walls?

    To check that, go to the RainMachine Pro and tap on Wi-Fi button and see if it say it is connected to your Wi-Fi network (the Wi-Fi button should be fully ON).
    If the issue is still present even if it is connected to your Wi-Fi network and still cannot validate the remote access email address, tap again in Wi-Fi button and then on the upper right corner settings wheel and choose Change, then tap on Reset button. This will erase all wi-fi settings on the RainMachine Pro and you can set them back again using the RainMachine mobile app.
    Maybe you should try to connect the RainMachine Pro to another Wi-Fi network like a mobile phone hotspot (other than the one you'll use to setup the Pro device)?
    Just to rule out the internet connectivity on your main local Wi-Fi network causing the issue on the validation side.

    If you can't do that, just open your desktop that it is connected to your local Wi-Fi network, open Command Prompt (Windows) or Terminal (MAC/Linux) and type this:
    If the ping is successful then your Wi-Fi network internet connectivity can reach our remote access servers. If it doesn't then there are some issues with it.
    If it does please try to validate your email once again.

    Thank you for your understanding, jay
    RainMachine Support


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