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Rainmachine for outdoor lights



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    Jarrod Smith

    It is unable to select the start and stop time. We are able to set the time for longer the 5 hours. I have it currently set for 11 hours for you. What you could do is make two programs one for 6 hours that starts at sunset and another that is 6 hours and finishes at sunrise. What should happen is the one starts at sunset and part way through the second program the first will finish and the second will take over. Like this you should cover most seasons. We will most likely have to adjust the times to match the longer days in summer but this should work through the rest of fall winter and spring. I will test this out on the unit on my bench and post more tomorrow once I am sure it work this way and if you let me know your location I can check the longest time of the year and help you make the adjustment. 

    Jarrod S.

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    Jeff Lewis

    That should work perfect. Set the program for 15 min before sunset and made a second program to end for 10 min after sunrise. that should be plenty of time at 11hr plus the 5 hr for the second program for Oregon

    Thanks Jarrod

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