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'DATA IN THE PAST' Log Entries



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    This seems to be related to the WeatherUnderground service.

    I disabled WU and no longer have the Data In The Past log entries.


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    All observed data is in the past, so that's not an error.

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    If all data is in the past, why did the entries stop when I disabled WU?

    Also, it says it is adding the data with the 00:00 timestamp.

    If this isn't what's going on then it is extremely confusing because it sure does not do the same for all readings.


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    "Data in the past" come from WUnderground, NetAtmo etc and represent  "yesterday" observed data. These are saved with 00:00 as time because the hour and minute dont really matter. Other kind of data is forecast which is "data in the future".  This is also explained here:

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    Makes little sense that WU is old/yesterday's data.

    13:35:38,667 - INFO  - wunderground-parser:77 - WUnderground: station data retrieved for KMAHOLYO15

    Then 3 & 4 hours later, same log entries.

    2018-10-22 16:55:31,932 - INFO  - rmHTTPResourceApi4Parser:415 - Local Weather API push: 1540241700.0: {'maxtemp': 9.7777777777777791, 'temperature': 8.2564102564102471, 'dewpoint': 0.33542225385155511, 'maxrh': 57.384615384615397, 'rain': 0.0, 'pressure': 102.3470698153087, 'timestamp': 1540241700.0, 'mintemp': -1.653846153846159, 'et': 0.0044095188885508114, 'wind': 1.3892627688417757}
    2018-10-22 17:50:23,934 - INFO  - rmMixer:123 - *** DATA IN THE PAST: 2018-10-21 00:00:00
    2018-10-22 17:50:23,948 - INFO  - rmMixer:124 - *** Received data: ('2018-10-21 00:00:00', temp=3.9/1, minTemp=None/0, maxTemp=None/0, rh=67/1, minRh=None/0, maxRh=None/0, wind=0.56000000000000012/1, solarRad=None/0, skyCover=None/0, rain=1.3/1, et0=None/0, pop=None/0, qpf=None/0, condition=None/0, pressure=101.35/1, dewPoint=-0.8/1, userData=None, minTemp=-0.5/0, maxTemp=8.4/0, minRH=38/0, maxRH=97/0, et0cal=None, et0final=None)
    2018-10-22 17:50:23,990 - INFO  - rmMixer:131 - *** Added Existing data: '2018-10-21 00:00:00', temp=3.91/1, minTemp=None/0, maxTemp=None/0, rh=66/1, minRh=None/0, maxRh=None/0, wind=0.24/1, solarRad=None/0, skyCover=None/0, rain=1.3/1, et0=None/0, pop=12/1, qpf=0.63/1, condition=1/1, pressure=101.51/1, dewPoint=-0.8/1, userData=None, minTemp=-0.5/1, maxTemp=8.4/1, minRH=38/1, maxRH=96/1, et0cal=1.4209495787106201, et0final=1.42
    2018-10-22 17:55:31,940 - INFO  - rmHTTPResourceApi4Parser:415 - Local Weather API push: 1540245300.0: {'maxtemp': 9.7777777777777791, 'temperature': 7.6025641025641024, 'dewpoint': 0.72107889092603016, 'maxrh': 61.692307692307687, 'rain': 0.0, 'pressure': 102.39656318070678, 'timestamp': 1540245300.0, 'mintemp': -1.653846153846159, 'et': 0.0022031338203158373, 'wind': 0.20632615378838253}
    2018-10-22 18:50:42,720 - INFO  - rmMixer:123 - *** DATA IN THE PAST: 2018-10-21 00:00:00


    I see nothing about WU, only local weather.

    The way I understand what you say is that no matter how often you get data from WU or locally, you record it as 00:00.
    When I disabled the WU source, the data in the past entries stopped. Local is still enabled.


    If you are indeed only recording yesterday's weather, why not pull the weather once, record it once, and be done.
    DATA IN THE PAST looks like it wants to alert me to something unusual as it shouts and is infrequent.


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    To be clear DATA IN THE PAST comes from a parser that sends observed daily data. It might be redundant to have it get it multiple times per day but that's how it works right now

    as for WU for example we also get forecast at the same run.

    Local Push from WeeWX has timestamp at the date of the "push" happened.


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