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Question about programing zones, specifically "on" times and off times, from a prospective buyer


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    RainMachine Support

    Hi, Joshua
    Thank you for your interest and question about our RainMachine devices.

    The short answer to your questions is: Yes, you can! :)

    1) As you already figure it out the option to help in your watering scenario is the Cycle & Soak program option.
    So, let's create your program:
    - name it as: Misters Daily @11am
    - change the frequency to: Daily
    - start time of the day: 11:00 AM
    - to finish at 05:00 PM the program must run for 7 hours = 25200 sec
    - each zone has to run for 20 seconds and each cycle should have 10 minutes soak time = 20 + 600 = 620 seconds
      note: we used the higher numbers from your scenario
    - to find out how many cycles do we need = 25200 / 620 = ~ 40 cycles with 10 minutes soak time
    - each zone must run a total time of 40 (cycles) x 20 (seconds) = 800 seconds = 13.33 min
    - the program must be set as FIXED watering time to not be affected by the weather forecast
    - each program zone must have a CUSTOM watering time of 13.33 min

    2) Yes, you can rename zones and program as you like by using the web or mobile (iOS or Android) RainMachine applications and local interface on the RainMachine Touch HD-12/16 units.

    Hope this helps, Joshua
    Thank you!
    RainMachine Support

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