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Flow Meter “Leaks” Every 10 Minutes



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    The leak detection indeed works by checking if it gets a minimum of 2 pulses from the flow meter in 10 minutes. I guess this happens with your flow meter and send some pulses even if water is not flowing but I'm unsure how this happens since this flow meter doesn't have a battery.

    Usually 1 pulse means 1 gallon or 10 gallons not sure how much is in Hydrawise spec.

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    Istvan (Edited )


    Could you share a picture of your setup? Since your flow meter needs only two wires to be connected, it must be a reed switch inside. I suspect you connected your flow meter between the S input and the C (common) terminal. If this is true, it means that a 50/60Hz signal is sent to the sensor input, fooling the system into thinking that there is a leak. Please note that the connection described on page 3 of the datasheet of your flow meter is not working for the PRO-16.

    The correct connection is between the S and 5V terminals, then there will only be impulses when the internal reed relay of the flow meter closes. See this article for further help.

    Rainmachine Support


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    Thanks for the responses Nicholas and Istvan. I will revert as soon as I meet my installer to go over the wiring, hopefully by the weekend as it's getting pretty cold again here in Boston ....

    Originally, he had installed three wires to the F, 5V, and G connectors, which is clearly incorrect. I tried all combinations of TWO of those three wires in F and 5V, but all still resulted in the leak/10min.

    So I suspect that there is a larger mis-wire between the ground and the Rainmachine. Your mention of the C terminal may be key.

    In any event, at least the expectation is that the Pro-16 works with Hydrawise flow meters!

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