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Weather data from Cumulus Software to Rainmachine



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    RainMachine Nicholas


    As you already discovered the Local Weather Push API was designed for this but we don't have a plugin for Cumulus.

    We do have one for WeeWX which supports Fine Offset clones available here. I guess something similar should be done for Cumulus.

    To use Local Weather Push you need:

    1. Enable service on RainMachine. From Web UI > Settings > Weather > Developer tab > Local Weather Push (Enable and Save)

    2. Use the API to push data as explained here:

    The example from documentation sends a JSON with an array of data but in the simplest form you just need to send a single entry periodically:

      "weather": [
          "mintemp": null,
          "maxtemp": null,
          "temperature": null,
          "wind": null,
          "solarrad": null,
          "qpf": null,
          "rain": null,
          "minrh": null,
          "maxrh": null,
          "condition": 26,
          "pressure": null,
          "dewpoint": null
    ] }

    If you don't set a timestamp in the JSON array element then the current timestamp, when data was received, is set for data.


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    Hi Nicholas,

    Thanks for the reply. Some very useful information.

    I might have a look at WeeWX to see if I can get that going in the short term. Unfortunately I have almost no python experience so not sure how I'll go.

    In the longer term it looks like the Cumulus software and source code has been released to the public domain. Cumulus is written in C which I have experience writing JSON interfaces in. So I'll try give it a go adding Rainmachine support to it(spare time being the issue). I'll let people know in these forums if I get anywhere . 

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