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Program did not run



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    Jarrod Smith


           I would love to look into your machine and see why it isn't running the first program. I am going to open a support ticket for you so that I can grab your login information and find out what is preventing the machine from running. Look for my email this morning and we will get you squared away.

    Jarrod S

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    Jeffry Battles

    This seems to be a problem with the "Finish X Minutes before Sunrise" issue covered in a different thread. I posted this a little prematurely; I should have searched a bit more. The problem stated was that the weather is downloaded early morning and changes the proposed start time of the program to an earlier time that is now in the past. The program won't run, and will not report that it did not run. I have changed my start time to a static time for the interim and all programs are running as expected. I am anxiously awaiting the fix for this problem though, as I like the idea of all programs finishing an hour before sunrise to give ample soak time in the heat of the summer.

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