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Failed to Water - "Programs" shows it should have



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    RainMachine Nicholas

    Is your program being set to Finish before Sunrise option ? There is currently a bug affecting these kind of programs. Also the firmware should be 4.0.975.

    If it's not a program with Finish before Sunrise the only thing that I can think of is that your unit going offline ? Power fail or maybe transformer fail ? Maybe you can keep an eye over the device uptime to check if it reboots/powers off. There is a offline notification but it waits for device around 6h before sending an alert.



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    Bob Neal

    Thanks @Nicholas - my error on typing in the firmware, it is 4.0.975.  No idea if it was offline. If it was, it was offline on it's own as my wifi itself didn't go offline (my Ring Alarm system immediately notifies me if it loses wifi and reports that it then is running on cellular).  The logs don't show anything as being offline.  I do have it set to finish before sunrise, but it's been set like that for quite some time and never had the problem.  My dripline program ran the night before and it is set to finish before sunrise as well.  What I did fine interesting is this entry in my log, which based on time stamp would have probably been the time when my irrigation system would have started to run.

    ---------------------------- PROGRAM SIMULATION LOG -----------------------------
    2019-04-03 05:32:23,410 - INFO  - rmSimulator:254 - Skipping old day 1554177600 < 1554264000 from simulation.
    2019-04-03 05:32:23,417 - INFO  - rmSimulator:254 - Skipping old day 1554177600 < 1554264000 from simulation.

    So not sure why it shows as "simulation", it def wasn't me doing that as I was still asleep during that time and hours after that. Perhaps that's due to the "bug".

    I guess I'll keep on eye on things going forward.
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