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Explain - Carry over water deficit to next schedule



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    Gregory Feiner

    I would like to know the answer as well

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    On the Pro-8 the option doesn't seem to be there anymore in the Web interface or Android app, but it is in the iOS app and the toggle doesn't do anything.

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    On my Pro-16 running the latest beta (4.0.1131) it is shown under restrictions.


    That also fixed the rain sensor issue in that the settings were reversed compared to what they stated, so the system always thought water was detected.  I know this as I had to make the settings the opposite of what it said; when the new firmware was installed I got an alert that the rain sensor detected rain.  Which I knew was not the case, so I had to go and change the settings back to what they should have been.

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    Ramsay Zaki

    I would also like to know how exactly this works. Under the weather setting there is an option to correct future watering cycles based upon actual past rainfall (I have a weather station on my property). This seems to be a similar setting so I would like to know how these two settings work in tandem with each other.

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    Eric (Edited )

    After three months, still no word on what this feature does, or what it affects having it not checked?  I see nothing in the documentation mentioning it. . . 

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