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thanks, just lost my parser again with forced update



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    It would indeed be nice to have some sort of continuity of the parsers through updates.

    Fortunately, the Weatherflow parser remained in place after switching to the beta channel (in frustration with HomeKit, flow meter, and remote access issues on my Pro-16) -- but like you it seems not to be behaving correctly. It's rained 0.4 in today (according to the Weatherflow Sky) but the 1/4" rain restriction I set still didn't stop my programs from running, because the Weatherflow parser saw less than 0.1" of rain.


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    Will Rosenberry

    power went out saturday, today I logged into GUI, no parer.  this sucks, Weather underground was not working most of the time so I switch to ambient Weather Network Parser, but that stops working every time the system reboots.  I live in Central FL, the system reboots often with lightning storms this time of year.

    guess I need to switch back to weather underground since this parser will not work (parser is great, but it goes away every time system reboots)

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    RainMachine Support

    We're sorry about that. It is a strange issue that we could not replicate on our test devices.
    Could you please try to rename your parser and upload it again?

    It might help if you told us what web browser and operating system are you using to upload the Ambient Weather Parser to your RainMachine devices.

    Thank you for your understanding,
    RainMachine Support

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    Will Rosenberry (Edited )

    I always use FireFox.  the version is Extended Support Release 60.7.1esr (32bit)

    I always connect direct to the IP of my local weather station.

    I just rebooted it myself using the reboot check box

    the ambient parser is gone.


    So I try Chrome 75.0.3770.100 64 bit

    I reload the ambient parser.and verify it works.

    I reboot the Pro8 using the reboot check box,

    the Ambient parser is gone.



    EDIT:  (the fix?)

    remember I am using Windows.  There was talk about some devices windows could not upload parsers.I am am on a pro8 and it was not written about a fix for parsers in release notes (yet)

    When I first started using this parser, I had an older version of firmware on the Pro8. I could not get the *.py files to upload, but if I saved them as a .txt file they would load, and run fine.  so that is what I was doing.

    Now I just saved the .txt file as "" then uploaded it.  now the .py files upload, I rebooted 4 times so far and the parser survived the reboot each time..

    I also notice when I switched from .txt extension to .py extension, I had to reenter the keys and mac.

    Sorry for the confusion, it appears I may have found the problem (user error) but if I had have been able to get the .py extension to work originally I may not have had this problem.  I will remove weather underground  again (but since they stared using keys again the seem to have fixed there problems of answering with errors.)

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