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Pro-8 cosmetic bugs: netmask empty, MAC address of eth0 even though not in use

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    RainMachine Nicholas

    Thanks for reporting this. We'll look into it for the next software update.

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    I installed a new Pro-8 last week and this device not only displays the ethernet mac address in the settings instead of wifi (only wifi active), it‘s even the one printed on the sticker inside next to the serial number.

    The wifi mac address is nowhere to be found and you have to determine it by deactivating restricted access on your network to connect and then look it up in the router settings.


    Took a second to figure out why connecting to the wifi didn‘t work...


    Sorry but this makes no sense. Most of the times you need the mac address for secured wifi access.

    Maybe if you have DCHP reservations going on, then you will need the one from the ethernet port.

    It should be implemented at least in the settings on the display. If automated switching to the active connection is too complex, just display both😉

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