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Firmware 4.0.1131 Issues



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    RainMachine Nicholas

    1. Guess this in on iOS App ? Any change a different TimeZone on iOS or date/time is not like the one on device ?

    2. Are any of your zones custom named in Home App ? We haven't seen this behavior. We do have an update for HomeKit coming but it's more for Siri integration. We'll try to replicate and let you know.

    3. Yes, we are taking steps to remedy this for units that setup didn't close the AP. The new apps should fix this issue but we also have an update in the works that will detect and close the AP if already setup/connected. 

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    1.  Yes, this is for the iOS application (iOS 12.3.1 as of this writing).  When I observed the negative time since the forecast update, I was in a different timezone than my RainMachine.  I tend to travel and being able to control the system from afar was one of my main drivers for installing the RainMachine.  I would assume that all times shown in the app are for the RainMachine's location, not the iOS device's current location / timezone.  So for example, if I travel to a location in pacific time, I would still expect to see all times for scheduling shown in my device's home timezone of central time (US).

    2.  None of the zones have custom names.  Here's what I'm seeing for the zone mapping so far (HK = HomeKit, RM = RainMachine):  HK zone 1 == RM zone 4; HK zone 2 == RM zone 2;  HK zone 3 == RM zone 7;  HK zone 4 == RM zone 8; HK zone 5 == RM zone 3;  HK zone 6 == RM zone 1;  HK zone 7 == RM zone 5;  HK zone 8 == RM zone 6.  For this test, I turned on the zone in the Home application (making sure I had the right zone since they don't go across, they zig-zag in Home) and verified which zone was running in the RainMachine app and by looking in my yard which zone was watering (the RM and visual verification were in line, but the Home app was not).

    3.  Thanks -- really looking forward to the update for this.  Alternatively if there is connectivity over Ethernet then I think wireless could be disabled entirely.


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