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Local Weather Push via Rest API calls not logging consistently



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    Gregory Santos


    I've actually partially figured this out.  The local weather data push scheduling on the RainMachine appears to be on some type of cycle.  I can't say for sure how it works, probably the software development team know.  I send a Local Weather Data call via a REST API call each hour to report rain data about 2 minutes after the hour.  My RainMachine reports the push on some hourly cycle that's not aligned with my REST API call.  So in this case, it appears that the weather data push is recognized at 19 minutes past the hour, although it seems to vary a little hour by hour.  I can't say for sure, how this is works but it's likely related to some internal scheduling algorithm in the RainMachine firmware.

    Anyway, I would say at this point, that it is working.   I suppose if others are debugging the Rest API calls for local weather data to understand how and when they are picked up and used by the Rain Machine weather data mixer, it would be good to have some documentation on this.  If the documentation is known or available somewhere, and I didn't see it then that's on me.

    The API calls that I'm using to push local weather data are:

    login/auth POST <-- to get an access token

    parser/data POST <-- to push hourly rain data

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    Gregory Santos

    I've performed some additional evaluation of the local weather data push for rain data, and I don't believe this works as stated in the documentation.  In the documentation for the API it says:

    IMPORTANT: The QPF and RAIN values shouldn't be send a cumulative but the measured/forecasted values for that hour/day. The RainMachine Mixer will sum all QPF or RAIN values in the current day to have the day QPF or RAIN.

    Based on my runs, I've found that the if you push hourly rain data that's not cumulative (just the rain amt for that hour), then only the last local weather data rain value is logged and recorded by the iOS app and web interface.  So, for example, if you have rain early in the day, and push the recorded data for those hours, but at the end of the day, there is no rainfall, and push a rain data value of zero just prior to midnight, then Rain Machine records a value of 0 rainfall for that day.

    If someone can clarify, then I would appreciate it.

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