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Spontaneous loss of remote access



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    I just lost remote access to my Pro-16 again just now (July 27 @ 12:53 am EST). The site on my iPhone XS app is bolded (i.e. not offline) but the circle just spins and spins.

    Local Discovery and Direct Access makes no difference.

    Even access through is blocked (the ever not-very-descriptive "Error authenticating !").

    The only access is via the Web GUI through my local IP address.

    I'm on beta 4.0.1144 firmware too, the one that's supposed to address remote access data transfers.

    Anybody else see this?

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    I haven't had this issue with any of the firmware versions; beta or otherwise.  I don't use iOS devices though.  I also have Bonjour disabled under settings.

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    kujulu (Edited )

    Thanks for that report.

    I've been tracking this with support (who have been great, really great actually). We're narrowing in on an overly-active connection between my Pro-16 and RainMachine's servers. Ironic, right?

    I'm sure I'm going to make a hash of this, but basically the current policy is to disconnect a RainMachine device from the cloud servers if nothing has called for its data in 10 minutes. Any new connection -- say by opening up the smartphone app or browsing to -- "wakes up" the connection by downloading the full data package afresh from the device.

    Because my Pro-16 was constantly "active" from the cloud servers' perspective, it never went to sleep. Paradoxically, this eventually caused remote access to fail.

    Consequently, we are checking to see whether a WeatherFlow parser I've been testing with a 60-second refresh interval is the reason for the "over-aliveness".

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