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Last Zone with every Zone problem Ditto


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    Hi John,

    Thanks for reaching out.

    With this exact setup, what happens if you turn the misbehaving zones (2 and 7) on and off and then repeat the one-by-one test on other zones? Are the two still always coming on when cycling through the other zones?
    - turn your zone 1 on and observe if other zones start as well
    - if zones 2 and 7 start as well (assuming those described in your message), turn these zones on and off manually
    - turn zone 1 on and see if they're still coming on with zone 1

    This test would tell us a little bit about the nature of the issue, and help us decide whether this is a SW or a HW bug. If the above sequence makes the problem go away, it will point to a SW problem.

    If not: what happens if you turn the problematic zones on and off? Do they stop running once the off command is given? If not, try to completely remove the zone cables from the terminal blocks to further isolate the problem. If only pulling them out makes them stop, the output drivers might have gotten damaged for some reason, and a HW problem would be likely.

    Also, I am not sure what conductor width you are using, but current shouldn't be an issue if you're having cables with similar thickness as those coming out from the valves (around 14-16AWG). If everything runs as it should, you will not be having more than two valves turned on at any given moment. The black hexagonal rain bird valves draw about 275 mA apiece, so you're looking at 550mA (give or take) which is OK.

    Thank you for your input, I am looking forward to your reply & to help.

    RainMachine Support

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