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RainMachine Pro-16 Doesn´t Resume Operacion After Stopped Raining



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    RainMachine Nicholas

    It won't restart, it will need to recompute the day rain/evapotranspiration and will add these to next watering cycle.

    Also if you want the water that was lost because of the stopped irrigation to be carried to next cycle enable Carry Over Water Deficit to Next Schedule from Web UI > Setting > Restrictions. 


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    Ariel Molinengo

    Nicholas, thanks for your quick answer!

    I am simulating the rain sensor with a normally closed switch. I want to use this functionality (rain detection) so that if I am watering and call the automatic water tank, close the solenoid valves so I can fill the water tank, and once it is finished, continue with the irrigation program.
    The problem is that if I am running a scheduled program of for example 3 minutes of irrigation, and if I open the circuit to simulate the rain, and close it after a few seconds, the program that was being executed does not resume what I would need.
    Is there a way to resume the paused program immediately the programmer detects the end of the rain?
    Thanks a lot!
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    RainMachine Nicholas

    Sadly there is no easy way to do what you want. The only option that I see is to use RainMachine API to poll for Rain Sensor event, stop the program and then start it again when there rain sensor no longer reports detection. Of couse this will have to be run from some other computer.

    If you wish to try this and you need more information on how to use the API ( let us know.

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