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Need a rain-sensor recommendation, please


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    On my Pro 16 I'm using the sensor that was installed with the house.  Mine is wired from the sensor to the irrigation controller: 

    In the RainMachine I have the follow setting checked:


    Rain sensor normally closed
    Hardware Rain Sensor is normally closed and open when rain is detected


    So this is a NC or Normally Closed rain sensor.  Look to see if the HD12 supports NC, NO or both; the Pro supports both.  Then pick a rain sensor that meets what is supported.  So if the HD 12 supports NO and NC; then you can pick any rain sensor that is either NO or NC.


    If the rain sensor fails and it is a normally closed; then it could alert the Rain Machine that there is an issue since it could now be opened.  This seems better than NO (normally open) and if the rain sensor fails, you may never know.

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