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    i have the same issue   , and the unit keeps on saying there's an update available but errors out when trying to update ...   version 4.0.1129

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    Rolando Soto


    First, i would suggest you try to power cycle your device. This usually solves most issues like this one.
    Just unplug your RainMachine from the outlet, wait 1 full minute and then plug it back in. If the problem persists, let's try a factory reset:

    Please open the RainMachine app on your smartphone and click on Settings on the bottom right side (IOS) or the Wrench on the top right side(Android).

    Go to: System Settings > Restore from Backup

    DO NOT restore at this point.

    Here you should see a list of available backups for your device. If you see at least one, then let's proceed with the factory reset.

    RainMachine HD-12 Factory Reset:

    1. From touch screen navigate to Wrench > System > Updates and Restore
    2. Click Factory Reset
    3. During Reset make sure to keep the backup.
    4. During Initial Setup, be sure to Restore the backup.

    If you have any trouble with the HD-12's internal backup you can still restore from phone.

    Please open the RainMachine app on your smartphone, click on your device and then click on the Wrench (Settings) on the bottom right.

    Go to: System Settings > Restore from Backup

    Select the newest backup and follow the on screen instructions

    If you have further questions about this issue or anything please lets us know, we'll be happy to help.


    Best Regards,
    RainMachine Support Team
    See if your questions has been asked before:
    You can also call the support line at 844-498-8707 From 8am - 5pm Mon - Friday and,
    9am - 5pm on Saturday.

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    I see that firmware version 4.0.1129 is the latest release version, with change log posted.

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