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Use the same chipset in all units, and have a SIM card slot



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    It takes more than just a SIM card slot to support mobile networks.  The chances of that being added are slim, just because of the cost.  Off the shelf modems start at $50.  Many users have no need for it, so paying at least an extra $50 makes the Rain Machine much more expensive.  The easier solution, use a hotspot and the Rain machine connects to it via 2.4GHz.


    As for the same WLAN chipset, good idea but they use SoC's, so unless they stick with a single vendor, it isn't feasible to have the same WLAN chipset used.  Take the Pro model, it uses the MediaTek MT7688 SoC.

    • 1T1R 2.4 GHz with 150 Mbps PHY data rate

    • Legacy 802.11b/g and HT 802.11n modes

    • 1-port 10/100 FE PHY

    They used this chipset for the 10/100 FE PHY.  The drawback is that it only supports 2.4GHz.  Not an issue for me since I'm using a wired connection for it.


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    Perhaps, the "pro" model only than could be upgraded to have the cell option, in addition to using a chip that supports both 2.4 / 5g.
    These units would be ideal for larger installs (golf courses, HOA's, etc) but there isn't always WiFi out there and running hard wire thru the golf course, not going to happen..

    So having one model that costs more, that can meet those needs, perhaps is a good idea.
    Why not make it the "Pro" model.

    The other option that MIGHT solve it, is to support a "portal" based login (such as free hot spots from Brighthouse / Xinfinity) sometimes there is that coverage.


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    Once again, it comes down to cost.  I wouldn't have paid more for the Pro model and I wouldn't have purchased the Touch HD16 either.  So consider it a lost sale.  The SIM capability would account for a very small percentage of owners and wouldn't justify the R&D cost.


    HOA's and golf courses already have irrigation systems.  The big players are in this space and they do have remote management capabilities.  They also far exceed what the Rain Machine can do.  They wouldn't buy a bunch of 16 zone Rain Machines.


    Here is an example:


    Map-Based Control

    • Up to 3 Courses (54 Holes)


    • Unlimited


    • Up to 50 per Program


    • Up to 12

    Satellite Stations

    • Up to 32,256

    IC Stations

    • Up to 36,000

    Pump Stations

    • Up to 6

    Weather Stations

    • Up to 5

    Smart Weather™ – Automatically adjust your system based on real-time weather events and daily evapotranspiration (ET) measurements for precision irrigation and less waste.

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