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Ecowiit GW1000 Parser

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    RainMachine Nicholas

    That's great work ! Thanks for sharing your work with us. I will have to try with my personal Fine Offset station , if it works it can greatly simplify a weewx setup.

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    GHammer (Edited )

    Thanks for this! I'm hoping that this will not interfere with the GW1000 custom server functionality.

    I have installed this parser, very nicely done. I'm assuming that nothing will be in the RainMachine logs until it writes the data at it's one per day interval.

    I do see that it found my GW1000 and that success is reported as status, so I will wait until tomorrow to verify via the log that data is flowing and reported properly for my system.



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    Hi GHammer,

    Thanks for your feedback. I am happy that someone else's is using it.

    I do confirm that this parser does not interfere with the GW1000 custom service functionality.

    The parser only writes one historical data point per day. The parser updates the data point every 60s.

    Please, let me know if that data looks ok and if you found any issue.


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    I have had the parser running for 3 days and see no errors, or unexpected values.

    So, let me make sure I understand correctly.

    The parser gets data from the GW1000 once per minute.
    The data is stored, then various values are calculated and reported to the RainMachine weather system once per day.

    First, the data is being sent/written at 0500 daily in my location. Not a problem for me as I will not start watering until 0545 at the earliest.

    Next Max Temp is greatly different than the NOAA value, but I believe the NOAA value is the forecast Max Temp, not the actual Max Temp.
    Min Temp is 7F different than the local weather push for the same time. 29.4F for the local weather push (from WeeWX) and 22.6F for the parser. 
    Temp is within 0.2F of the local weather push.
    Wind is fairly different, local weather shows 0.54 m/s vs 3.12 m/s for the parser value.
    Pressure is within 0.05 kPa

    I'm fairly certain this is due to different measurements/accumulations being reported for the given values.

    Curious though, why not report once per hour vs once per day?


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    So, I looked today and the parser has found a console instead of the GW1000.

    I have a 2902A, a WS2000, and the GW1000. It found first the 2902A then when I reset and refreshed it, found the WS2000.


    So, it looks like this either needs to parse and find the GW1000 or allow manual config for those who have other consoles on their network.


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    PedroJorgePereira (Edited )


    Good to know that the parser was working without errors or unexpected values.

    The parser:

    1) It gets data from the GW1000 once per minute.

    2) It stores the sensor data locally.

    3) It computes the following daily values:

    • MEAN, MAX and MIN RH

    4) It updates a daily historical data point, at midnight UTC of the current day, with the computed values. Again, it updates the same data point every minute.

    5) Rainmachine uses that data point, as a personal weather station data, to adjust the next day Eto, based on the observation.


    Regarding other questions:

    • Data wrote at 05:00 at your location: The parser writes the data at midnight UTC, your local timezone should be 5 hours away from UTC. According to Rainmachine Nicholas, data should be written in UTC timezone.
    • Why not report once per hour vs once per day? If I wrote data every hour, even better every minute, Rain machine would transform that in a single data point at the end of the day. That single data point generated by rain machine does not match the arithmetic calculations for max, min, avg. For some variables, the rain machine uses the last value of the day. ( I think is because this is a historical parser and not a forecast parser).
    • The parser has found a console instead of the GW1000: The discovery mechanism of other FineOffset consoles is the same that GW1000. As a workaround, for now, I have implemented a quick fix, that allows setting the device IP address manually. 

    Thank you for your input,


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    Hi Pedro,

    I edited the file and changed the IP value as I have a static IP assigned to all IoT devices on the LAN. Looking at the various forums, I'd guess that many have a GW1000 and a console of some sort so the manual setting will be good for those uncomfortable with editing directly.

    If you look at the WeeWX extension that I believe was written by someone with RainMachine, it sends data once per hour. So, if I understand you, there is no point as RainMachine will transform the data and do it incorrectly at that.

    If so, then I should disable the WeeWX extension.

    Thanks for the parser and for the info!


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    The concept of just having one data point is also present on the WeatherFlow Smart Weather Station data parser, made available by Rainmachine. (


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    Oh, I'm not concerned if you say it is immaterial, good enough for me.

    My question is why the RainMachine devs have frequent data entry across all they provide. The inbuilt NOAA/WU/NETAMO and the only one I use, WeeWX extension.

    Personally, I have questioned the data from those in the past and not gotten a satisfactory answer.

    Would you like me to install the new version, or is the IP address entry the only change?

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    I've noticed that, after installing this parser, my Mini-8 looks like it restarts at around 0200 daily.

    Here's the log around the event.

    2020-03-11 01:50:18,014 - INFO  - rmHTTPResourceApi4Parser:416 - Local Weather API push: 1583905800: {'maxtemp': 15.222222222222221, 'temperature': 8.6666666666666639, 'dewpoint': 3.95790891045331, 'maxrh': 72.277777777777779, 'rain': 0.0, 'pressure': 101.43541115191671, 'timestamp': 1583905800, 'mintemp': 8.6666666666666639, 'et': 0.0023845454400549757, 'wind': 2.1058067549659297}
    2020-03-11 02:44:04,401 - INFO  - main:50 - RainMachine v2 Copyright (c) 2015 Green Electronics LLC
    2020-03-11 02:44:04,421 - INFO  - main:51 - Running on platform OpenWrt OS
    2020-03-11 02:44:04,611 - INFO  - main:73 - WIRELESS Interface wlan0, Mode: managed, IP:, MAC: a8:80:38:25:0b:94, hasClientLink: 1, Mode: managed
    2020-03-11 02:44:05,422 - INFO  - rmRestrictions:394 - *** Populating week weather data from database.
    2020-03-11 02:44:05,635 - INFO  - rmTimeZoneOpenWRT:46 - Setting timezone to: America/New_York Olson: EST5EDT,M3.2.0,M11.1.0
    2020-03-11 02:44:05,774 - INFO  - rmStationDownloader:27 - Downloading station info:
    2020-03-11 02:44:06,595 - INFO  - rmDoyDownloader:22 - Downloading DOY database:
    2020-03-11 02:44:07,852 - INFO  - rmDoyDownloader:48 - Got 365 values for et0 and 5.00 as et0Avg
    2020-03-11 02:44:08,394 - INFO  - rmUserSettings:139 - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    2020-03-11 02:44:08,408 - INFO  - rmUserSettings:161 - Version ('4.0.999') Running for:
    - name: 'REMOVED"
    - timezone: 'America/New_York'
    - latitude: **.******
    - longitude: -**.******
    - elevation: 136
    - et0Average: 5.5
    - krs: 0.16
    - rainSensitivity: 0.73
    - windSensitivity: 0.4
    - wsDays: 2
    - database path: '/rainmachine-app/DB/Default'
    - httpsServerPort: 8080 (ssl)
    - httpServerPort: 18080
    - wizardHasRun: 1
    2020-03-11 02:44:08,420 - INFO  - rmUserSettings:162 - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    2020-03-11 02:44:08,439 - INFO  - rmThreadWatcher:136 - ThreadWatcher running True
    2020-03-11 02:44:08,523 - INFO  - rmLocalNetworkAdvertise:111 - Local Network Advertiser starting
    2020-03-11 02:44:08,649 - INFO  - rmParserManager:228 - *** BEGIN Loading parsers from './RMParserFramework/parsers'
    2020-03-11 02:44:08,708 - INFO  - rmParser:71 - *** Registering parser OpenWeatherMap Parser with interval 21600
    2020-03-11 02:44:08,902 - INFO  - rmParser:71 - *** Registering parser Netatmo Parser with interval 21600
    2020-03-11 02:44:09,106 - INFO  - rmParser:71 - *** Registering parser Ecowitt Parser with interval 60
    2020-03-11 02:44:09,293 - INFO  - rmParser:71 - *** Registering parser WUnderground Parser with interval 21600
    2020-03-11 02:44:09,497 - INFO  - rmParser:71 - *** Registering parser CIMIS Parser with interval 21600
    2020-03-11 02:44:09,651 - INFO  - rmParser:71 - *** Registering parser ForecastIO Parser with interval 21600
    2020-03-11 02:44:09,905 - INFO  - rmParser:71 - *** Registering parser Weather Rules Parser with interval 3600
    2020-03-11 02:44:10,224 - INFO  - rmParser:71 - *** Registering parser NOAA Parser with interval 21600
    2020-03-11 02:44:10,325 - INFO  - rmParser:71 - *** Registering parser FAWN Parser with interval 21600
    2020-03-11 02:44:10,484 - INFO  - rmParser:71 - *** Registering parser WeatherDisplay Parser with interval 21600
    2020-03-11 02:44:10,656 - INFO  - rmParser:71 - *** Registering parser METNO Parser with interval 21600
    2020-03-11 02:44:10,413 - INFO  - rmParserManager:313 - *** END Loading parsers
    2020-03-11 02:44:10,502 - INFO  - rmSimulator:1086 - Loading last weather simulation data for today programs
    2020-03-11 02:44:10,947 - INFO  - rmTouchManager:544 - Closing boot animation
    2020-03-11 02:44:10,975 - INFO  - rmTouchManager:260 - Touch Manager is starting up ...
    2020-03-11 02:44:10,987 - INFO  - rmMainManager:139 - Stopping bonjour service


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    I had to disable this parser.
    The CPU usage value on my Mini-8 pegs at 100% and everything (populating logs, weather, etc) is extremely slow.
    Disable this parser all returns to normal.

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