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Skips Watering No Rain



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    Isn't that what predictive does?  If it waters and then rains and the rain covered all of the watering, then what would be the point of having a smart device.  It cannot save water that it already used. 


    What does Precipitation and EvapoTranspiration show?  Under about there is a view log.  This is under the WebUI and not the app.  Do you have the correct information for the weather information in your area?

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    Sean Davidson


    I totally understand that if it shows rain it should not run. But living in So Cal you can see that 10% rain is really not rain for the most part.

    Precipitation shows .01 and .00 for this week.

    EvapoTranspiration shows 0.12, 0.11 and 0.10 for the week.

    I just did a full factory reset and reloaded the device, and have it setup for my address location and am using DarkSky and NOAA for my weather service.

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    RainMachine Nicholas

    I was about to say to check water in soil from each zone, but if you did factory reset these are now lost until next rain so they won't reduce water times.

    Also check if you have adaptive frequency, this might lead to skip until a longer duration is calculated.

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    I seem to have the same problem, it hasn't rained in days but RM keeps skipping because of "water surplus" and it hasn't watered in a while. How do I read this log?

    2020-02-21 07:36:46,277 - INFO  - rmSimulator:395 - Correction for the past enabled. Program 1 will try to use AW from main db first.
    2020-02-21 07:36:46,911 - INFO  - rmSimulator:545 - 
    * Program Coefficients (pid=1, fake=False, ignoreInternetWeather=0, day=2020-02-21 00:00:00)
    	- pastStart=2020-02-18 00:00:00, futureEnd=2020-02-24 00:00:00, pastMultiplier=3, futureMultiplier=3
    	- qpfReal=0.83, qpfUsed=0.31, qpfEst=0.27, historyQpf=0.27, et0Real=7.84, et0Used=8.12, et0Est=7.86, historyEt0=7.86
    	- et0Avg=7.50 detailsReal=[et0(m)=2.64, qpf(m)=0.28], [et0(m)=2.50, qpf(m)=0.25], [et0(m)=2.70, qpf(m)=0.30], detailsHistory=[et0(m)=2.98, qpf(m)=0.18], [et0(m)=2.79, qpf(m)=0.06], [et0(m)=2.09, qpf(m)=0.03]
    	 zone  lastAW  newAW  chEt0  waterFF  corrPast  water%  waterNeeded  fielCap  cropCoef  zoneType  userDuration
    	    2   27.47  23.55   7.86     4.50    -0.58    0.00    -23.55       95.98      0.60       7       1800.00
    	    3   37.69  32.25   7.86     6.07    -0.64    0.00    -32.25      137.16      0.80      11       1800.00
    	    4   37.69  32.25   7.86     6.07    -0.64    0.00    -32.25      137.16      0.80      11       1800.00
    	    5   37.69  32.25   7.86     6.07    -0.64    0.00    -32.25      137.16      0.80      11       1800.00
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