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Local temperature sensor can be used to drive watering programs/weather adaptation



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    RainMachine Nicholas

    Usually with greenhouses, you disable Weather Adaptive since greenhouses are temperature/humidity regulated. If you want weather adaptive in your greenhouse, I would disable all weather sources and add my own that reads temperature/humidity from your sensors. If those sensors are accessible through WIFI it shouldn't be difficult.

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    Chris J

    Yes, that's what I figured I would have to do. It would be REALLY great if the RM could just subscribe to the MQTT topic I'm publishing the temp to!

    And again, trying to make sure I understand the value prop of RM. My understanding is that beyond the weather itself (eg rain or not), it will respond to the temperature conditions and adjust the amount of watering. That seems like a good thing for the greenhouse which is why I thought it could be a good fit. But if I'm off on why one would get an RM, please let me know :)

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