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Where to place the RainMachine Pro-16


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    Jarrod Smith


        This is a great question. Not enough people ask it and I am so happy to be able to respond to this. So you have hit most of the important factors right out the gate. So I should start with you don't need to put it in a place that people have lots of traffic. While we would love this because guests will ask you about it, giving us free advertising, it isn't going to be useful to you. The machine will, for the most part, be used from your phone or computer. What you want to be thinking about is how easy will it be to wire it and how clean will the WiFi be there. It isn't only signal strength but garbling you want to avoid. We gave the machine a very robust encryption to help prevent any hacking attempts against the machine. It would seem silly the idea of hacking into a sprinkler but some people are just mean and want to cause water damage so we have taken extreme steps to prevent this. As such we don't like passing through metal. So while the pantry would be great you made it clear there is a water heater there. So if the center of the house is the easiest to wire to then do it for that reason only. As for a bedroom if it has a line of sight to the router without having to pass through a bathroom that would work. Now if the old controller with the questionable wiring has conduit ran to it I would mount the new RainMachine in the house on that wall and bring the wiring in. Now I know you said the wiring is questionable but if there is conduit you can tie the new lines to the ends of the old ones and pull them through to the valve groups. This would save you a lot of time energy and money. I know I have given you a lot to think about so if you would like to call in and ask some more questions I am more then happy to help. Call and ask for Jarrod and I can go over this with you and if necessary you can email me some pictures of the home to help me visualize what we are talking about. 

    Thanks for the support,

    Jarrod S.

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