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    RainMachine Support

    Yes, you'll have to see your lawn/zones in real life to make the right decision.
    Currently, these two actions are available only using the RainMachine Web app.
    Click on each zone name to open its settings, then click on the View and Manage option from under Soil Water Surplus. There you should find the water in soil level that RainMachine knows about and take into consideration when that zone will water again. If the real-life tells otherwise, then:

    Use SET TO MAXIMUM if you see your soil soaked wet and RainMachine shows no water surplus.
    SET TO MAXIMUM will set the available water in soil to maximum that the soil type can hold. From RainMachine point of view this might mean that several days can pass before that zone is irrigated again. RainMachine will balance daily evapo-transpiration with the available water in soil until it reaches normal level.

    Use SET TO OPTIMUM if RainMachine displays more water surplus than your soil actually has.
    SET TO OPTIMUM will set available water to normal level, not in deficit and not in surplus.

    Thank you
    RainMachine Support

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    Factor (Edited )

    Lets do an example:

    Temps in High 90s.

    No observed rain. 

    Forecast rain is 0.02".

    Soil is visibly dry.

    System reports a water surplus

    System is not watering due to a water surplus.

    In reality there is no real surplus.

    Which setting to I choose?  Maximum or Optimal.

    How do I tell the machine its wrong and set the water surplus to 0 if I want to?

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