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    Harold Sonnier

    Agreed. Would be outstanding to use when troubleshooting or adjusting sprinkler heads in the yard. Always on and accessible, even if hands get dirty or wet.

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    RainMachine Support

    Thank you for your suggestion.
    We are now gathering feedback.

    Until we will have a standalone Apple Watch RainMachine application you can workaround with IFTTT Button Widget for Apple Watch, or iPhone or iPad.
    And the steps to enable it from scratch, are:
    1) make sure there is stable internet connectivity on RainMachine location and RainMachine is connected to it
    2) create RainMachine remote access account and validate it
    3) create an account and link the RainMachine service (you already set at step 2) to it. 
    4) enable Ifttt Do Button service on your ifttt account
    5) choose "New Applet" from your ifttt account options
    6) for "THIS" action search for Do Button Widget
    7) for "THAT" action search for RainMachine and choose the trigger you would like to engage when you press the Do Button, eg: "Start Zone" and choose how many minutes
    8) go to your Apple Watch/iPhone/iPad and make sure you install the IFTTT app and log in to your account on it
    9) go to Apple device widget screen and choose to edit it - look for IFTTT app and add it to the widget screen
    10) soon after the widget screen refreshes you'll get the Do Button listed as IFTTT widget <- tap on it to start it and watch your zone starting.

    Hope this helps!
    Thanks again for your suggestion.

    RainMachine Support

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    Tamer lap

    I strongly AGREE .. please add Apple watch

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    The IFTTT integration makes it easy to provide Apple Watch support. I was able to set up all the Apple Watch functionality I need in about 30 minutes. I created a separate "button" to turn on each zone individually and one additional button to do a "Stop All". I do not need any more functionality than that on my Watch. It works great and responds just as quickly as using the RainMachine app on my iPhone.

    A couple IFTTT tips: setting up the "applets" is easier on the iOS app than on the website. The iOS app also provides the only way I could find to sort the buttons the way you want (ie. "RM Zone 1", "RM Zone 2", etc.). Also - use short button labels so they show up OK on the small Watch screen.

    Thanks for providing this integration!

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    Yes to Apple watch app!!

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