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Touch Screen is not working on RainMachine HD-12



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    Brandon Moyer

    It looks like the touch screen has failed, we will need to start an RMA to get your unit fixed/replaced. 

    You can send me a copy of your invoice, or open up a ticket with tech support.

    Send the copy to my email and I would be glad to help you  out. 

    Thanks for your time and patience.


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    Irnak Ossko

    I have the same problem on my device, detected recently, when I started watering again in my garden.

    Hardware V3 purchase Nov, 2016 , Firmware V04.0.974

    The touch screen seems to react in the center of the screen but not on the side, so I can not navigate to Home or Settings.

    Is this a known bug - software or hardware ?

    Please help

    Thanks in advance

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