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    Richard Mann (Edited )

    Hi John,

    Similar problem here in Australia (except we desperately need irrigation). I bought mine from Amazon U.S. and paid the shipping.

    You can just buy a power supply that suits the RainMachine. Get a bare-ended wire transformer. The one included with the RainMachine has an output of 24V AC, 750 mA, but only supports 120V AC input at 60Hz. I.e. it is not 120-240 volts. As long as the power supply is outputting 24V AC and has at least 750 mA is will be fine as the transformer will only draw enough amps as the unit demands.

    Here is mine set up in the shed where you can see the details of the power supply that I bought.

    I also attached a Rain Sensor. It is a Rainbird Wired Rain Sensor CPRSDBEX from Amazon. Almost any brand will do. They are quite simple systems and have two bare-ended wires coming out of them. To connect it is a real pain and there are other posts within this forum that explain it. Essentially, you need to use little plugs the same as what you have to connect a PC Motherboard to all the LED's etc. They connect in to a little panel in the RainMachine.

    Here is the forum post.

    Note that the little adapter has to be bought separately (yes, I know.......), but this can be worked around with information in the above post.

    I would recommend RainMachine, but international support is not their forte. I had to write my own parser to get local weather information, but without the open nature of RainMachine, this would have otherwise been impossible.

    Good luck.

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