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Extreme Heat Override Setting



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    RainMachine Support

    Hi, Nat
    Thank you for your suggestion.
    If you're using remote access functionality for your RainMachine, then you can use the applets to achieve just that.
    Follow the instruction from this article and set up your first ifttt applet using a weather service and the RainMachine service on

    Hope this helps, Nat
    Thank you,
    RainMachine Support


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    Love the suggestion, but don't like the IFTTT option. Ideally I'd want the rain machine to do the work, not have to relay on building IFTTT things (that can go wrong) and add to the troubleshooting and etc.

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    Im in agreement with you here.  I tried the IFTTT option as suggested by RM Support.  The idea looks pretty simple, but the applet is not working.  I left it alone hoping more people would help make the case.  It would really be better to have the unit manage the setting rather than rely on 3rd party applications.


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    Actually, so I just spotted this: Under weather services, choose developer. Look at "Weather Rules"

    This appears, I think to be just what we are looking for here, you set a rule set based on data from Weather Underground.
    The example in the rule set, logs a temperature, but I'm assuming, maybe it could trigger a program also?

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    seems odd that you'd not have a weather logic that works around extreme temps or wind etc


    surprised it's not under the weather sensitivity settings?



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